E-billing via 'Custom Integration'
Mikro, who has the authority of 'Private Integrator' for electronic bills, removes the necessity of investing in infrastructure of companies wanting to switch to e-bill. By means of a special integration method that e-bills are offered as a service entirely with the reliable infrastructure of Mikro, every company can produce invoices in electronic environment, send and store to IOP. With this method, companies reduce the risk of all invoicing processes and reduce operating costs. With Micro's proprietary integration option, companies do not have to follow current legislation, update software or carry out maintenance and troubleshooting processes. Micro's e-billing and e-book application can also be preferred within the STANDARD SERIES and Micro ERP product families, it can work in an integrated fashion. In addition, Micro e-billing users are expecting great advantages in their Micro products. For detailed information about micro-e-billing, e-book and e-archive applications: